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SBM-Warehouse Managment System

What is Warehouse Management System (WMS)

An efficient WMS or Warehouse Management System is a software or programme that lets you integrate and organize all your warehousing operations, logistics, e-commerce fulfillment, and other packaging or delivery solutions that any business requires essentially to survive in prevailing competitive and customer driven environment.

What your Warehouse Management System Can Do?

Not only does it enables a business to manage its inventory visibility in real-time, but it also minimizes labour costs, enhances customer satisfaction and provides access to clients inventory flawlessly. It also lets a business be more flexible and responsive to customer needs.

Choosing the Right Warehouse Management System

The right WMS can ensure that inventory is always under control for cost saving and accurate deliveries. A good WMS app with a centralized interface will allow you to control your inventory so that your business is able to offer the best available solution to its customers and distributors.

SBMCONNECTS” is our cloud based perfectly running warehouse management System, developed and customized for your warehousing and logistics needs in present environment to gain visibility, maximize transparency, traceability and flexibility of the entire supply chain ecosystem. Designed to manage day-to-day supply chain operation handling complexities through a centralized interface that pushes across board integration, which is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Warehouse Management System- SBMCONNECTS – WMS ensures that inventory is always under your control and running live at various stages on real-time basis.  At SBM we use “SBMCONNECTS” a successfully integrated high-performance warehouse management system for the active control by client or user of all processes and material flows as well all Aavailable resources in the warehouse. 

SBMCONNECTS – The WMS can be flexibly customized for your logistics workflows and comes with excellent service for any changeover of systems at your company.

Thanks to its unrivaled configuration –SBMCONNECTS can be tailored to work within your existing and future processes. It is designed to grow alongside your business if and when your requirements change. It is easy to integrate with most leading enterprise resource planning systems (ERP systems) and all major technology platforms thus ensuring seamless assimilation with current and future infrastructure, regardless of whether it is in the cloud or on premise. With SBMCONNECTS, you optimize every stage of your warehouse, helping you to reduce logistics costs and outperform the competition by reaching “ONTIME EVERYTIME” that too 100% accurately. When it comes to order picking, our WMS has reduced errors by 99.9%, improved pick up times by 70% and transparency to 100%.

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