SBM Connects

Leading Warehouse Company in Delhi-NCR

Our Warehouse are, Any industry enabled

Whether you’rein Publishing, E-commerce, Stationery, Electronics, Clothing, FMCG, Automotives, Spare-Parts, Assembling, or any other industry: SBM offers a variety of industry-specific solutions– tailor-made to suit your purpose and scope, thereby ensuring that your warehouse needs are essentially met as per your cost convenience. You focus on your core business; let our warehouse handle your storage and logistics requirement.


Same day or 24hr delivery in DELHI/NCR

Our door to door service team already operational and working day and night to provide 24 hour delivery back up for your esteem customers in DELHI/NCR and near-by areas at unbelievably low prices. Thus you can enjoy fun of reaching your customers on “Think and Get” basis.

Scalable and configurable

When your requirements change, SBM will quickly update WMS and let your warehouse model evolve to new conditions.For instance Additional feature in existing WMS, new bays for incoming oroutgoinggoods,additional space to cater temporary or permanentneed, Additional manpower, Packaging requirements or any change in your final deliverable product can also be executedin same premises, ensuring maximum flexibility and expandabilityin cost effective manner.

Multi-client and enterprise ready

Is your logistics evolving? Connecting new sites and facilities is quick and easy, as is adding new clients – Our WMS is flexible, meaning one platform for all yourfuture requirements, no matter how many clients you add and regardless of the number of users working with the warehouse management system.

24hr Warehouse Support

Regardless of the time policies we are working with you, we extend 24 hr support to deal with any kind of emergency or inward or outward that is coming: we guarantee worldwide 24/7 WMS support. Our service experts are alwayspresent to meet your urgent requirements in the form of continuous and evolving environment.

Strategic, Smart & Secured Location

Be at heart of most convenient and secured location – HSIIDC – Rai (Delhi-NCR) Located on NH1, easily accessible to all courier and transport companies. Close to major and biggest logistic hub of INDIA – Sanjay Gandhi transport nagar. Aisle to Aisle 24 hr CCTV monitoring keeps your valuable safe and untouched. Thus providing you Strategically located smart and secured warehouse.

Automate your return management

Returns are an inevitable part of operating a business. In fact, about 30 percent of all online orders and 10% of general orders are returned and they can hurt your bottom line if not handled correctly. That’s reason enough to implement a return processing system.
A return management system tracks and stores data for you to provide insight on who is returning what, condition of the item being returned and the associated costs. This system also reports to allow refund payment for your customer. Overall, the collected information helps maintain inventory control and grasp your customers’ buying habits and preferences. The returnitems are segregated under various heads depending on condition and product value in the system.